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Who is Rafael Baptista?

Born in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He finished his school studies in Itajaí. He moved at the age of 22 to the city of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. It was in the capital of Paraná that he began his studies in Psychology. He then went on to get a Master's degree in Social Psychology and researched issues of gender and violence. The result of his master's dissertation was a book about Patrimonial Violence, by Juruá Publisher. Then, he started his PhD in Education. However, as the plan to move to Switzerland was anticipated, he had to put his studies on hold. Even so, with the PhD research project, he published his second book: Gender and Sexuality Education in Basic Education, also by Juruá Publisher. 

In February 2023 he moved to Binningen, Basel-Landschaft. Since April 2023 he has been working as psychologist in a clinic for addiction treatment. From May 2023 he offers individual, couple, family and group psychological counselling in his praxis in Binningen, Baselland, Switzerland.

Academic Background: 

*Bachelor's and Master's degrees recognised by the Professional Commission for Psychology (PsyKo) of Switzerland.


CRP (Paraná Regional Council of Psychology) / FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) / ACTC (Association of Marriage Counselors and Couple Therapists, Switzerland) / APRTF (Paraná Association of Family Therapy) / Association of Psychologists of both Basel (PPB).


Portuguese; German; Swiss-German; Spanish; French; English; Italian.

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Author of the books: 

Link to buy the books (also available at Amazon): https://www.jurua.com.br/autor/6107/rafael_rocha_de_oliveira_baptista 

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Link to buy the books (also available on Amazon): https://loja.editoradialetica.com/loja/busca.php?loja=791959&palavra_busca=rafael+rocha+de+oliveira+baptista 

Author of the article: 

Effectiveness of interventions with male perpetrators of violence against women: A narrative review.** 


*Available in Brazilian Portuguese.

**Available in English language.

📲 +41 76 429 88 57  /  📧 rro.baptista@gmail.com

Oberwilerstrasse 12 (basement), 4102 Binningen, Baselland, Switzerland

Public transport: Tram 2 direction Binningen, tram stop Binningen Kronenplatz.

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